Meth Contamination

CPINZ undertakes meth contaminated site investigations of properties which are known, or strongly suspected to have issues with meth.  If you are unsure as to whether or not a problem exists, then your first step should be to get a screening assessment of your property done.

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NB – the more samples that are part of a detailed contaminated site investigations, the greater the level of  insight we are able to provide regarding the meth status of a property. Financial constraints will place limits on the number of samples that are taken. It is vital that sampling meets the requirements of NZS8510 AND accounts for the higher risk surfaces in a property. This is not to catch people out, but to make sure they are not caught out. Sampling the higher risk surfaces means the likelihood of missing problematic meth residues is reduced.

After our contaminated site investigation is complete and the test results received from the laboratory, we will provide a detailed written report that includes recommendations for decontamination.  Our recommendations are based on a reasonably conservative, precautionary approach aimed at getting levels within the limits recommended by NZS8510 Standard after just one round of cleaning.

The framework we use to make our recommendation was developed in conjunction with experienced contractors and has been refined over time.  It forms the basis of conversation our clients can have with decontamination contractors, allowing them to get a sense for the validity of the recommendations the decontamination contractor is making.

Our approach increases the confidence our clients and their service providers have in dealing with issues where there is typically a significant amount of uncertainty.

NB – some specialist contractors may feel they can offer alternative approaches to cleaning than those recommended in our reports.  This is their prerogative.  Clarification should be taken from the contractor to determine what warranties are provided in respect of the work they undertake.

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A challenge for the remediation industry can be getting their pricing and approach to cleaning right.  To help you get quotes for cleaning that provide greater certainty, we will include in an appendix to the report, information relating to the size and make-up of the property. This includes floor plans, photos, measurements and material descriptions and, where practicable, videos.

Post Decontamination testing

CPINZ also provided follow up testing to support the decontamination process undertaken by specialist companies.

The CPINZ report is used by decontamination contractors to give them confidence that their cleaning work has been effective. They then use this to support issuance of a Clearance Certificate for the areas of the property on which they have worked.

NB not all surfaces can be sampled and tested and underlying contamination issues may be masked by cleaning and/or redecoration.  CPINZ has systems and processes that help reduce the risk that problematic levels of meth go undetected.

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